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            Meeting of Cutcombe Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Moorland Hall


  1. Public Question Time
  2. Apologies for Absence 
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. To approve the minutes of the meetings held on 20th February and any matters arising
  5. 5.1 Planning Applications: 6/8/18/103 Oaktrow Farm: proposed change of use of agricultural building to holiday let 5.2 Other Planning Matters
  6. To consider highways, transport matters and related items
  7. Update on the Wheddon Cross Toilets
  8. 8.1 To appoint an internal auditor for 2017/18  8.2 To approve and pay the Clerk's salary (£592.88) and Review of the Clerk’s Salary and Conditions 8.3 Inland Revenue Tax due (£729.40) 8.4 Moorland Hall room hire (£11 Feb invoice 1077) 8.5 Water2Business £24.40 for standing charge at the WX toilets 8.6 Eagle Plant £28.80 for February Heras fencing hire 8.7 SV Workers’ Wages (£1,915.80) 8.8 SV Manager’s Expenses (£172.46) 8.9 Parish Clerk’s Expenses (£167.20) and Snowdrop Valley expenses (£526.03) and Salary (£592.88) 8.10 AtWest £4,218.00 for SV buses 8.11 To consider ex-gratia payments in relation to 2018 SV Park and Ride Scheme
  9. Correspondence and meetings 9.1 Clerk’s report on correspondence received and meetings attended 9.2 Councillors’ reports on meetings and correspondence
    10     Items for the next Agenda


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at the Moorland Hall
Present: Councillors John Anson, Vivian White, Linda Atkins, Eric Norman, John Davis,
Eric Clarbull, Parish Clerk Marlene Allinson, County Cllr Frances Nicholson (left at 7.55pm), and one parishioner.
248.1   Public Question Time: (i) drains and blocked gulleys at Blagdon Cross: any progress? (ii) it was reported that the Housing Survey has been sent out: the Clerk has additional copies
248.2   Apologies for Absence: Cllr Roger Webber, West Somerset Councillor Steven Pugsley.
248.3   Declarations of Interest:


Agenda Item

Nature of Interest

Description of Interest

Action Taken




Chairman of Moorland Hall





Moorland Hall Trustee


248.4   Minutes: The Minutes of the meetings held on the 20th February were approved and signed as a true record. Matters Arising: the Clerk reported that Magna Housing had cut the hedge at Meadow Close.
248.5   248.5.1 Planning Applications: 6/8/18/103 Oaktrow Farm: Proposed change of use of agricultural building to holiday let: no comments. 248.5.2 Other Planning Matters: none.
248.6   Highways: 9 Day Road Closure on the B3224 at Wheddon Cross (drainage problems): Co Cllr Nicholson gave an update: residents needing access should make themselves known to the men on site; lorries approaching the cattle market on market days from the East should not be diverted. Water Main Replacement: Cllr Anson gave an update: going pretty much according to plan but some delays due to weather conditions. Road Closures: 3 on the A39: all diversions come through Wheddon Cross: 11th and 16th April both for 3 nights overnight; 18th April four  evenings (Carhampton).  Long Lane: Cllr Anson reported that the lane flooded again when the snow melted: he has photos and will report to Highways. The SIDS meeting was postponed but Co Cllr Nicholson, at the Exmoor Panel meeting, outlined what would be involved if the parish wanted to participate in the shared ownership scheme: £100 cost each time the SIDS machine came to the Parish: other options are: shared ownership with other parishes or individual parish ownership. Costs involved: £500 per person to train for Chapter 8 (2 people recommended per parish), clothes and equipment, etc. Cllr Anson has spoke to Exford Parish Council: they are keen to co-operate with Cutcombe.
248.7   Wheddon Cross Toilets: Cllr Atkins and Anson recommended that the quote for additional works from Chris Horne be formally accepted by the Parish Council: approved It is hope work will start mid-April. Cllr Atkins has put up revised signage at the toilets and contacted Western Power re splitting the electricity supply.248.8   Finance: 8.1 It was agreed to once again appoint Derrick Bott as Cutcombe’s internal auditor for 2017/18  8.2 Agreed to pay the Clerk’s salary (£592.88): Review of the Clerk’s Salary and Conditions: postponed: the Clerk to arrange a meeting with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Approved for Payment: 8.3 Inland Revenue Tax due (£729.40) 8.4 Moorland Hall room hire (£11) 8.5 Water2Business £24.40 for standing charge at the WX toilets 8.6 Eagle Plant £28.80 for Heras fencing hire 8.7 SV Workers’ Wages (£1,915.80) 8.8 SV Manager’s Expenses (£172.46) 8.9 Parish Clerk’s Expenses (£167.20) and Snowdrop Valley expenses (£526.03) and Salary (£592.88) 8.10 AtWest £4,218.00 for SV buses 8.11 It was agreed to pay £250 each to Exmoor Farmers and The Badgworthy Land Company for allowing parking and access re Snowdrop Valley
248.9 Correspondence and Meetings: 248.9.1 The Clerk has the West Somerset Advice Bureau Annual Report and Accounts available for anyone to read. She reported communications with Airband who have surveyed the Moorland Hall and said that they can provide a free broadband supply. It is hoped that a revised Parish magazine will soon be available. Reverend David Weir is organizing the publications group but was unable to attend tonight’s meeting. 248.9.2 Cllr Anson read out an email from a parishioner re precept rise, to which he has replied. Co Cllr Nicholson urged that everyone fill in the survey re the public libraries consultation. Cllr Anson will attend the drop-in session re the housing survey on 22d March and reported that Porlock Parish had good attendance at their meeting. Cllr White reported on the Exmoor Consultative and Parish Forum meeting where housing need was discussed. Cllr Norman reported on a Snowdrop Valley Steering Group meeting,
248.10 Items for the Next Agenda: Review of Clerk’s Salary and Contract; retrospective approval for electricity bill at the Wheddon Cross toilets; Clerk's report on SIDS: costing and type approval

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

The next meeting of Cutcombe Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 17th April 2018 at at 7.30pm in the Moorland Hall.

The Annual Parish Meeting of Electors will be held at the Moorland Hall, 7 for 7.30pm, on Thursday 19th April 2018.

All are welcome to all meetings

Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety, and Human Rights.
Marlene P Allinson, Parish Clerk
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