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Meeting of Cutcombe Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 17th October 2017at 7.30 pm in the Moorland Hall


  1. Public Question Time
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on the 19th September and any matters arising
  5. 5.1 Planning Applications:  6/8/17/109 The Recreation Ground: Proposed replacement of swings to be replaced in new location and addition of 2 new items (Rotaweb climber and a pendulum basket swing). Re-submission of approved application 6/8/17/102 6/8/17/110 Putham Farm: proposed erection of agricultural building
    5.2 Other Planning Matters:
  6. Highways including the Wessex Water Water Main Replacement/ Improvement Scheme at Wheddon Cross
  7. Report on purchase of the Wheddon Cross Toilets and associated items
  8. Snowdrop Valley Bus Contract and update on the October meeting
  9. Somerset County Council Family Support Services Consultation
  10. Finance: 10.1 Tender process for refurbishment of the Wheddon Cross toilets 10.2 To pay Countrywide Grounds Maintenance lnvoice 696885 for £126 for additional grass cutting (October) 10.3 Retrospective agreement for payment to Grant Thornton for £240 for the external audit 8.3 To consider an invoice from Risdon Hosegood solicitors for £642 fees for the purchase of Wheddon Cross Toilets 10.4 To pay the Moorland Hall invoice 1020 £11 for September room hire 10.5 To pay Came & Company additional insurance premium of £143.49 for Wheddon Cross toilets 10.6 To pass on a contribution of £25 from Exford Parish Council to The Rest & Be Thankful Inn towards cctv running costs 2017/18 10.7 Report of the Finance Working Group re proposed budget for 2018/19
  11. Correspondence and meetings

11.1    Clerk’s report on correspondence received and meetings attended including
11.2    Councillors’ reports on meetings and correspondence
12        Items for the next Agenda

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 19th October 2017 at the Moorland Hall
Present: Councillors John Anson, Vivian White, Eric Clarbull, Linda Atkins, Eric Norman, Somerset County Councillor Frances Nicholson (from 8pm to 8.25pm), West Somerset Cllr Steven Pugsley (8.30pm onwards), Parish Clerk Marlene Allinson and one parishioner.
243.1   Public Question Time: (i) 106 monies remaining from the crossroads scheme? To be refunded to CPC asap then how to spend it will be discussed (ii) Luckwell Bridge/Long Lane drainage: gratings and gulley are full of debris despite being at an angle, cracked pipe further down yet to be repaired: Cllr Anson to progress.
243.2   Apologies for Absence: Cllr Roger Webber.
243.3   Declarations of Interest:


Agenda Item

Nature of Interest

Description of Interest

Action Taken




Chairman of Moorland Hall





Moorland Hall Trustee





Part Owner of cctv system


243.4   Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting held on the 17th September 2017 were approved and signed as a true record. Matters Arising: 243.11.1 Somerset County Council, Chairman’s Award for Services to the Community: Marcus Capel had been nominated by CPC and agreed.
243.5   243.5.1 Planning Applications: 6/8/17/109 The Recreation Ground, Wheddon Cross: proposed replacement of swings to be replaced in new location ad addition of 2 new items (Rotaweb climber and a pendulum basket swing). Re-submission of approved application 6/8/17/102: fully supported. 6/8/17/110 Putham Farm: proposed erection of agricultural building: site visit requested, the Clerk to arrange. 243.5.2 Other Planning Matters: none.
243.6   Highways: Heathpoult Cross approach from Dulverton: The Clerk has been in touch with Exton PC and asked for their support in pressurizing highways for a Stop sign at this point; Cllr Anson reported on a reply from Highways. Road Closures: Dragon’s Cross, 25 days from 30/10/17; Exford to Winsford: cancelled. Vegetation around sign in Sundial House garden: Cllr Anson to follow up. Historic Signposts Project: Cllr Anson gave an update. Wessex Water Main Scheme: Cllr Anson outlined the agreed proposals for the scheme: 8th to 16th March 2018 road closure at the pub, then stages 2&3 works continue til Easter for remainder of project but under stop/go boards and/or traffic lights. After Easter they will tackle Bouverie Close hydrant connection. All works will be in daylight hours and include weekends. The Clerk to circulate diagrams of signage to be used. Congestion around the school:
Cllr Anson to take up with the Headmaster.
243.7   Wheddon Cross Toilets: The purchase is now completed and the relevant planning application has been registered with ENPA (planning fee was £192.50). The Clerk reported that Cutcombe PC now has an account with Eagle Plant for the Heras Fencing which costs £126.47: Cllrs Anson and Clarbull to see if they can reduce this cost or if it would be cheaper to purchase it.
243.8   Snowdrdop Valley: the Clerk reported that the Steering Group recommend accepting the quote from AtWest to run the SV buses: all in favour; the Chairman signed the contract. The Clerk updated Council on the October meeting including the decision to increase 2018 ticket prices due to increased overheads.
243.9   Somerset County Council Family Support Services Consultation: the Clerk asked to respond on behalf of the whole Council in support of the proposed changes.
243.10 Finance: 10.1 Tender Process for the refurbishment of the Wheddon Cross toilets: The Clerk to handle and send out the specification and plans to builders as agreed (at least 3), deadline for tenders 16/11/2017. Cllr Clarbull agreed to liaise with David Hancock and show any interested builders around the building. 10.2 Countrywide Grounds Maintenance invoice 696885 for £126 for additional grass cutting (October): agreed 10.3 Retrospective agreement to pay £240 to Grant Thornton for the external audit 10.4 Agreed to pay Risdon Hosegood, solicitors, for additional fees in relation to the purchase of the toilets: invoice now reduced to £600 10.5 Agreed to pay Came & Co £143.49 for additional insurance in relation to the toilets 10.6 A contribution: £25 to be paid to The Rest & Be Thankful Inn towards upkeep of the cctv cameras 2017/18 as received from Exford Parish Council 10.7 The Finance Working Group recommended an increase of £20 on a Band D property in 2018/19 in order to cover some of the running costs of the Wheddon Cross toilets: this to be brought back for any public discussion at the November meeting and for ratification in December.
243.11 Correspondence and Meetings: 243.11.1 South West Lakes Trust Highlights 2016/17 reported.
243.11.2 Co Cllr Nicholson reported on the “Opportunity Area” funding which is an attempt to address social mobility issues and that Somerset Skills & Learning has been awarded most of its former funding but only for one year.
243.12 Items for the Next Agenda: none

There being no other business the meeting closed at 10.00 pm.

The next meeting of Cutcombe Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 7.30pm in the Moorland Hall.

All are welcome to all meetings

 Marlene P Allinson, Parish Clerk


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