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Meeting of Cutcombe Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 18th September 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Moorland Hall


  1. Public Question Time
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17th July 2018 and the meeting held on 23rd August 2018 and any matters arising
  5. Reports from District and County Councillors
  6. Planning Applications:
    1.      6/8/18/108 Lower House Farm – Proposed side extension and rebuild of front porch
    2.      6/8/18/107 Higher Putham – Change of use of clinic to holiday accommodation - To retrospectively record a comment of “Fully Supported” submitted on 01/08/2018
    3.      Other Planning Matters
  7. County: Winter Highways' Budget Cuts
  8. To agree response to LGA Green Paper on Adult Social Care and Wellbeing
  9. Local Policing
  10. To consider highways and transport matters and an update from SIDS Working Party
  11. To discuss audio recording of future meetings
  12. Finance:
    1. To pay the Moorland Hall £62 for April (£28.25), July (£22.50) and August (£11.25) room hire and to retrospectively approve payment of invoice for 25 pence added to July payment for room hire
    2. To pay Somerset Association of Local Councils £55 for GDPR training course on 22 May (£25) and Clerks Training Part 1 on 5 September (£30).  Also to retrospectively approve the booking of Clerks Training Part 1, and to approve booking of Clerks Training Parts 2 and 3 in October and November
    3. To pay Water 2 Business £157.01 for toilet water bill February to August, and to discuss direct debit for future payments
    4. To pay Countrywide Grounds Maintenance £1,148.40 for grass cutting playing fields in July
    5. To pay Clerks salaries and expenses – Marlene Allinson £372.20 and £101.39; Nic Kemp £668.32 and £66.92
    6. To pay HMRC £143.20 tax due
  13. Correspondence and meetings
    1. Clerk’s report on correspondence received and meetings attended
    2. Councillors report on correspondence received and meetings attended
  14. Items for the next Agenda

Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety, and Human Rights.    

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18th September 2018 at the Moorland Hall

Present: Councillors John Anson (Chairman), Linda Atkins, Eric Clarbull, John Davis, Eric Norman, Roger Webber, Vivian White, Parish Clerk Nic Kemp, Co Councillor Frances Nicholson, West Somerset Councillor Steven Pugsley, and one parishioner.
254.1 Public Question Time: items raised: Was there an update on Councillor John Woodman, Somerset County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport attending the Parish to discuss local issues
254.2 Apologies for Absence: None.
254.3 Declarations of Interest:
Cllr Eric Clarbull 12.1 Personal: Chairman of the Moorland Hall Minuted
Cllr John Anson 12.1 Personal: Trustee of the Moorland Hall Minuted

254.4 The minutes of the meeting held on 17th July 2018 were approved as a true record, with one amendment under Declaration of Interests. There was a discussion about the procedure of ensuring majority vs unanimous decisions are recorded in future minutes. Matters Arising: 252.7 – to be dealt with under 254.10
The minutes of the meeting held on 23rd August 2018 were approved as a true record, with no amendments. There were no matters arising.
254.5 Reports from West Somerset and Somerset County Councillors: Cllr Nicholson reported due to the need to make savings of £13M, Somerset County Council was looking at all areas across the county. One area highlighted was a reduction in precautionary gritting routes to only A39, A396 and B3224 as far as Simonsbath. This affects only the precautionary gritting, and will not affect the road clearance in the event of snow. In addition, £40k saving will be made by not distributing salt bags and bins. For parishes to cover this themselves, with approx. 500 parishes in the county, this equates to approx. £80 per parish. The gritting routes have to be published in September and once published cannot be deviated from. Cllr Pugsley reported that once the decision was published then a meeting of parishes could be called to discuss possibilities for purchasing and distributing grit bags and bins, and the possibility of reciprocation with Devon and the border parishes. He had already produced weather maps showing that Exmoor historically had more extreme weather relating to snow and ice than the rest of the county.
Cllr Nicholson to confirm relevant contact details for supporting drain clearance to reduce ice risk, and situations such as vehicle stuck in snow.
Cllr Pugsley reported that an update was expected from the Boundary Commission soon. Bin collections for general waste would reduce to 1 in 3 weeks from March 2020. Recycling collections would remain weekly with additional types of plastic recycling introduced. £500 vouchers were again available for Connecting Devon and Somerset for those unable to get landline broadband. 4G masts are now in place at Skillgate, Withypool and Warren Farm.
Cllr White thanked Cllrs Nicholson and Pugsley. Cllr Nicholson left the meeting.
254.6 Planning Applications:
254.6.1 6/8/18/108 Lower House Farm: Proposed side extension and rebuild of front porch. Unanimously supported.
254.6.2 Higher Putham: Change of use of clinic to holiday accommodation. Minuted that a comment of “Fully supported” was submitted on 1st August 2018 without a meeting being held. Clerk to check Standing Orders to confirm content on future planning decisions.
254.6.3 Other Planning Matters: 6/8/18/106 – The Rest and Be Thankful Inn. Application passed. Note, no planning requirement for installation of electric vehicle charging points as this is permitted development rights.
254.7 County: Winter Highways’ Budget Cuts: This item was combined with item 254.5 in Cllr Nicholson’s report.
254.8 Response to LGA Green Paper on Adult Social Care and Wellbeing: Difficult to fully discuss questions due to lack of direct contact with this topic. Agreed to submit response as sent by Cllr Anson.
254.9 Local Policing: Sergeant Stuart Williams had indicated he would like to attend but was unable tonight. Clerk to invite Sergeant Williams to October meeting. Cllr White confirmed Sergeant Williams had given presentation at the recent Exmoor Panel meeting. Police presence should be more visible, they have access to laptops and wifi, to enable them to be out more in the community, but while they may use them in towns they will not be using bicycles to traverse Exmoor.
254.10 Highways and Transport Matters: Cllr Woodman was contacted, and he replied informally via Cllr Nicholson that he would not attend on individual cases. Cllr Pugsley suggested that by following protocol, and addressing an invitation via Cllr Nicholson possibly led by the Exmoor Panel that he be approached to visit and view issues across multiple parishes.
SIDS update: Cllr Clarbull has identified Nick Cowling who is responsible for the inter-parish programme, is looking into a lower cost option, and the opportunities to get two people trained – one from Cutcombe, and one from Exford.
Cllr Pugsley left the meeting.
254.11 Audio recording of meetings: Discussion initiated by Cllr Norman around the principle and feasibility of recording future meetings – reasoning is to safeguard the clerk, ensure minutes are a true and accurate record, and allow submissions to the planning authority to be verified. Concerns over possible unease amongst councillors, and whether strengthening the structure of the council would alleviate the need. Cllr Norman to take advice from Exford PC, where this is the practice, about the costs and practicalities, and report back to the PC to allow further debate.
254.12 Finance: It was agreed to pay:
254.12.1 The Moorland Hall £62 for room hire for April, July and August
254.12.2 SALC £55 for GDPR and Clerk Training Courses
254.12.3 Water2Business £157.01 for toilets water supply February to August
254.12.4 Countrywide Grounds Maintenance £1,148.40 for first half of yearly cutting fees (stated on invoice as July fees)
254.12.5 Clerks’ Salaries and Expenses: Marlene Allinson £372.20 and £101.39; Nic Kemp £668.32 and £66.92
254.12.6 HMRC £143.20 tax due.

254.13 Correspondence and Meetings: 253.13.1 Clerk reported on Plastics debate attended, already covered under 254.5. Clerk also thanked the Council for allowing her to book and attend the SALC Clerk’s training courses.
254.13.2 Cllr Norman reported that the Snowdrop Valley Committee had met and regarding the overgrowth in the valley. It was proposed that Roger Foxwell be contracted to carry out one day’s flailing work to clear the valley. Council agreed to £25 per hour for Mr Foxwell to carry out up to 8 hours flailing as necessary. Cllr White reported that the path between the two hunting gates on Walk 2 for Snowdrop Valley had been cleared by ENPA.
Cllr Webber had been requested by a resident to investigate the cutting back of hedges in Meadow Close. Clerk to contact Magna to discuss.
The Toilet Steering Group reported that the spare space would be advertised in the Parish magazine and referred to the website for further details. Cllr Atkins reported that she has the details of the agent who manages the market site industrial units, to investigate further options in identifying a tenant. To date over £240 has been received in donations at the toilets, with written compliments, commending the facilities and cleanliness.
254.14 Items for the Next Agenda: Sue Southwell would like to attend to give feedback on the Housing Needs Survey; Cleaning the War Memorial for the centenary commemoration, using contact with Monumental Masons; Monitoring the precautionary gritting routes; State of property overgrowth encroaching onto pavement and ongoing intervention with Taunton Deane Officer; Report from Cllr White as Parish Representative on Exmoor National Park on housing and business; Formalising a thank you to Marlene Allinson for her years serving as Clerk

There being no other business the meeting closed at 10.10 pm.
The next meeting of Cutcombe Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 16th October 2018 at 7.30pm in the Moorland Hall.

All are welcome to all meetings

N J Kemp, Parish Clerk

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