Devils Stone

Rob Wilson North, Exmoor National Park Authority
The Historic Environment Record states: DEVIL’S STONE

The Somerset SMR (No: 33497) records a standing stone of uncertain date from field name evidence (`Hour Stone’ on Tithe Map) and local tradition. (1) At SS 91427 38665 in an improved pasture field immediately adjacent to a massive limestone quarry (SS 93 NW 57) is a massive quartz block. The stone measures 2.1 m long, 1.2 m wide and is 1.65 m high. The farmer states that the local name for the stone is `The Devil’s Stone’ and that tradition links it to the Devil hurling material from Dunkery Beacon. The stone appears unlikely to be prehistoric in origin. Its close proximity to the limestone quarry suggests rather a medieval, or more likely early post-medieval origin.

(Incorrectly plotted on NMR 1:10,000 record sheet) (2) What this means is that the field was called ‘hour stone’ in 1840 and that is the earliest mention of the stone.