History of the Exmoor Pony

Ever since Exmoor itself existed as an upland area there have been isolated groups of Exmoor Ponies dating back to the original hill pony found in pre-historic times. These ponies, because of their isolation, were never mixed with other horses and so became the pure-bred ponies we know today. 

Exmoor Ponies are found on all parts of open Moorland on Exmoor differing only in colouring according to the habitat where they roam. Withypool ponies are lighter in colour whereas Porlock ponies as the Dunkery ponies are originally called are very much darker in colour because of the type of vegetation they feed on and the surroundings in which they live giving perfect camouflage as we all know when we seek to see them!

The owners of these herds of Exmoor Ponies, were in the main part the Westcott’s from Porlock and are now in the capable hands of Malcolm at Wilmersham and they have a 4 branded on their shoulder. The ponies with the number 12 on belong to John Western of West Hawkwell Farm and were inherited by John’s father Bill from William Crockford.

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